Cippus Perusinus, prehistoric plates written in Albanian language!


Cippus Perusinus is the name of a stone tablet, discovered at Mount San Marco near Perugia in Italy in 1822, which today stands exposed in the National Archaeological Museum of Perugia which is the pride of the museum. Plates containing 46 lines written in Etruscan, carved in stone.

This article is considered to be realized in III-II century BC. Of all the inscriptions and other documents written in etrusko – pelasgians Cippus Perusinus has been more specifically, not only was the first title, the text of which I found more difficulties, but also because it was considered by many scholars as the key to the Etruscan language.

This is the reason for that Perugia is located in the heart of the Apennine peninsula. Stone bearing this inscription will remain for me a true gem. Deciphering this inscription discovered the mystery of language eventually etrusko pelasgians to draw it in the light of the sun.

This is a song written for Etruscan heroes, one of which is ‘the highest Velthina’.

It was his remains reburied in a tomb worthy of the priest Afuna, Larthal with his son (who later becomes one of the most legendary heroes Etruscan).perugia

The text describes the moment when the hero Velthina bones were brought into the cave, the cave which will be his new grave. Writing is performed in the sense Etruscan alphabet from right to left.

We can sensitize you to translate and decipher the text but because it found some symbols are not possible to write ..